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John Strand's quote

Postby kpitter » 24 Jun 2008, 13:23

This is quoting John Strand...from his message board:

"Section 315 was a computer programming team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. Their primary mission was to support Section 312 (the analysis group) with engineering problems. Time is slowly eroding the memory of this extraordinary collaboration. Thirty-five years ago Section 315 climbed the Mount Everest of computer problems. They achieved what Kepler, Newton and Einstein could only dream of. Section 315 produced the Celestial Navigation System for Viking, Voyager and beyond. This would become the world’s largest application program the DPODP (The Double Precision Orbit Determination Program). According to JPL most of the memos and technical reports documenting this epic achievement are gone. The JPL directories no longer refer to Section 315 and the computers they used cannot be found in any museum. Many of these remarkable people have passed away. The purpose of this web site is that they not be forgotten. If you have any anecdotal information about celestial navigation during the 1960’s please get in touch with this web page. I have been trying to locate hardware from the IBM 7094 and the UNIVAC 1108. To date: Paul Pierce has a complete 7094 minus the cardpunch in a warehouse in Portland OR. He plans to open a museum eventually. There is a small piece of a 7094 in a museum near San Francisco. I am at a dead end in locating any remnant of the 1108. I cannot state strongly enough what a monumental loss it will be to America if this historical period is lost to future generations."

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