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Discussion on Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Lanthanides, Cobalt miners and physical metals investing. Energy miners are uranium & oil sands.

Any market discussion, recommendations, news related to contra investments, conspiracies to defraud general stock market participants especially PM investors are welcome as well.

Financial Bookmarks

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Jim Puplava, Financial Sense Newshour Broadcast

Eric King: Podcasts

Chris Waltzek: Goldseek Radio

Peter Schiff Podcasts: Wall Street Unspun

The Charlie Rose Show (PBS)

Jim Sinclair Mineset

Don Coxe Weekly Broadcast ... Event.aspx

Don Coxe Conference Call

Dollar Collapse

Canadian Stock Research Alerts in Real Time

Metals Place, Metals Investing News

Top Business & Economics Blog Sites

The Daily Beast

Gold Miner Pulse, Gold Miner Valuations primarily Canadians

Adrian Douglas, Market Force Analysis

@JackPastrami Grammercy Images

Bespoke Investment Group

Richard Karn: Emerging Trends Report

Jim Willie Golden Jackass

Marc Faber Blog

Gold Eagle Editorials


Goldrunner Editorials on Gold Eagle

Resource Investor

Mining Nerds Directory of Miners by Resource

Forex Income Engine

Jesse's Café Américain

Bob O'Brien, The Sanity Check


Friends of Another (Goldbug Extraordinaire)

INO: Stocks, Options, Commodities Trades

China Daily BBS in English

Silicon Investor: Slider on the Black

Silverseek Forum


Anse Intendance Forum

Kitco Metals: Base Metals News & Spot Price Quotes

Patriot Radio News Hour (Right Wing Stuff)

Silver Bear Cafe

Silver Info

Ludwig Von Mises Archives

Professor Antal E. Fekete

James Conrad: Seeking Alpha Articles

Financial Times (FT) of London, Alphaville Market Insight

Huffington Post: Max Keiser Editorials Page

24hGold Editorials

Adam Hamilton: Zeal Intelligent Speculator, Essays

Nouriel Roubini Global Economic Monitor (RGE)

Brad Setser Blog: Follow the Money


Green Faucet

Mickey Fulp, Mercenary Geologist

James Howard Kunstler

Barry Ritholtz: The Big Picture Blog

Karl Denninger: The Market Ticker

Meltdown 2011: Comex Default Watch

James Turk:

Bear Chat, Prudent Bear

Darryl Robert Schoon: Prospering During a Market Crisis

Capital Stool Message Board

David Morgan, Silver Blogspot

Silver Investor

Gary North, The Anti Silver Guru

321 Gold

Bill Bonner, Richard Daughty: The Daily Reckoning

Gary Tanashian: Biiwii

Safe Haven

Financial Post of Canada, Mining Pages

James Hamilton: Econbrowser TED Spread

Jim Jubak: MSN Articles

Chris Martenson: Crash Concepts

MSNBC Morning Joe

Lew Rockwell

UK Market Oracle: Commodities Investing

Martin Weiss: Money and Markets

Option Armageddon with Blogger References

Canada View: Globalization Research

Asia Times Online

Russia Today, Interview with Adrian Douglas of GATA

Stratfor Geopolitical Intelligence

DEBKAfile: News on Military Intelligence, Espionage

Robert Scheer:

Leavitt Brothers: Top ETFs

The Chart Pattern Trader

Zero Hedge Blog

Bill McBride: Calculated Risk Blog

Nathan's Economic Edge on Martin Armstrong

Mike Morgan anti GS blog

China Analyst, US Listed Chinese Stocks

Grading the stock market gurus

PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter

Andi Links

Stock Research Portal

In the Money Stocks, Rant and Rave Blog

Gerald Celente: The Trends Research Institute

The Daily Bail Blog

Forex Crunch Blog

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Banking Subjects Blog

Ron Paul Forum: Liberty Forest

Demos Market Economy

Yamaguchy, Yarmulka Inc. Monetary History

FEEDJIT: Live Internet Traffic Feed

Comedy Central

World Market Indexes

Periodic Table of the Elements

Wall Street News Network Stock Databases

Fibozachi Technical Trading made out huge on 1000 point DOW drop

Max Pain Stock Options
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