Salvador Dali - Discovery of America

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Salvador Dali - Discovery of America

Postby mxsquid » 22 Feb 2010, 19:30

Salvador Dali - Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus

Lithograph jointly signed by Dali and Diego Colon, Marquis de Aguilafuente which also contains the family seal.

Lithograph number 75/300 of the Diego Colon Edition is pictured below.

I own 73/300 with further information that Diego Colon was the 20th Generation Direct Descendant of Christopher Columbus


Dali's painting The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus (Wikipedia) represented a significant step in Dalis art. For the first time while adhering minutely to his earlier techniques, Dali ventured into the approach characteristic of what he termed his "particle period. We see Both Dali and Gala (his wife) are omnipresent in the painting. The large figurine banner is Gala. Dali as the artist is clad in missionary brown and is kneeling with a crucifix. The picture is an homage to the artist Diego Velázquez, incorporating singularly modern methodology. Dali;s surrealism shows in technical terms the use of his photo mechanical replication which associate with the painting.. He uses many of his same symbols, to describe his thoughts...then paints them in a surrealistic way. Gala is perched atop EVERYTHING.. She is mor important to Dali than anything... or as Dali sez ..." more important than money.. Columbus is bringing his boats to shore, which are famous in american history. These boats are also the boats of salvation which takes you out to sea...and eventually to the heavens... which is prominent in the figures above Gala.. Over on the left side of the painting, Dali paints his "Crutch, which everyone in life needs, except for Gala, and God.. Dali was kicked out of elementary school at a very young age.. for standing up and yelling to the teacher/class..."GOD DOESN'T EXIST." He really was not a pious/religious man, but was raised by religious parents. The boat (coincidentally is being brought to Port LLigat which is the other side of Cadeques, where dali lived most of his life. Ther're many subtle images in the painting...including the Christ of St. Jon on the cross on the upper right side, just below Gala. The painting is supposed to be a dream ...Columbus had one night, and in his dream ...he successfully landed safely. the circular metal object on shore... is a womb type sequence, where Dali often mentions, his term, "geo-politicus" He claims he remembers being in the womb, and breaking out of the womb...ala..Stanley Kubrick. in 2001 Space odyssey, in the beginning and in the end.

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